Family Notices

Traditionally the way of informing people of the arrangements for a funeral, to acknowledge and thank those who had attended the funeral and cared for the deceased and the family, to remember someone’s anniversary or even just to circulate the sad news of someone’s death was to place a family notice in the local newspapers.

This still happens to this day and we’re happy to help arrange any of these for our families with any newspaper you require, however in the modern digital era we’re finding more and more that the higher and higher costs of placing a notice in a ‘paper (now on average £65-100) whilst newspaper circulation figures continue to decline means that families are not getting the same value for money or even getting the news to the same amount of people as in the past.

That’s where we believe our digital family announcements can be of help.

We are happy to host any announcements, be they obituary notices, acknowledgements or in memoriam notices on our website absolutely free of charge.

There’s also the added bonus that when we post your notice onto our website it will automatically be published on our Facebook page and on our Twitter channel, informing even more people of your news and again doing so for free.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please let us know when making the funeral arrangements or contact us with your requirements.

You’ll find current obituary notices here, current acknowledgements here and current In Memoriam notices here.