Dùilinnis Funeral Home

Having operated from a number of rented locations in Kelty and Kinross over the years, Ewing Funeral Service took the decision to purchase the former Doctors surgery located next to the community centre in Kelty’s Main Street in 1999.

Many generations of Kelty folk will remember 114 Main Street as either Dr Kay’s or Dr Richmond’s surgery but now, renamed Dùilinnis Funeral Home it allows us to provide a proper level of care to our clients and their families.

We are able to properly care for the deceased, locally and in a dignified manner and have full facilities to allow for visiting your loved one as well as a small service room which can accommodate up to 15 people. We also have plans in place to improve our facilities to an even higher standard over the next few years.

What’s in a name?

In 1999 Ewing Funeral Service decided to adopt the Scots Gaelic name Dùilinnis for our premises having sought something that nodded towards West Fife’s ancient Gaelic traditions but was fitting for our new funeral home – Dùilinnis certainly fits the bill as two translations of the Gaelic are “tranquil place of rest” and “meadow view” which is especially appropriate given the views over Lochore Meadows that are enjoyed from the staff offices on the first floor of the building.